Susanna Guzmán        

  SAG-AFTRA, AEA                       

Height: 5’3”     Weight: 136 lbs       ;          718-807-7761


AGENT: The Krasny Office (TKO); 212-730-8160           WEBSITE:



THE OUTSIDER                                          Guest Star              Andrew Bernstein

NEW AMSTERDAM                                     Guest Star              Michael Slovis

POSE                                                           Guest Star              Silas Howard

THE DEUCE, 2 episodes                             Guest Star              Uta Briesewitz, Susanna White

THE VILLAGE                                              Co-Star                   Minkie Spiro

LAST WEEK WITH JOHN OLIVER             Guest Star              Christopher Warner

UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT*           Recurring                Various directors

LEFTOVERS                                                Co-Star                   Peter Berg

POWER                                                        Co-Star                   Anthony Hemingway

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK                   Co-Star                   Constantine Markis

LAW & ORDER                                            Guest Star              Tim Hunter

LAW & ORDER SVU                                    Guest Star              David Platt


FUNNY FACE                                              Co-Star                   Tim Sutton

LAZY SUSAN                                              Guest Star              Nick Peet

VOX LUX                                                     Guest Star              Brady Corbet

THE FIRST PURGE                                    Guest Star              Gerard McMurray

HIGH RESOLUTION                                   Co-Star                   Jason Lester

SATURDAY CHURCH                                 Co-Star                   Damon Cardasis

SHELTER                                                    Co-Star                   Paul Bettany

DISAPPEARNCE OF ELEANOR RIGBY    Guest Star              Ned Benson

IF YOU COULD SAY IT IN WORDS            Supporting             Nicholas Gray

MAID, MADONNA, WHORE                        Lead                      Kim Flores


PROJECT DAWN                                         Lola/Nia                 People’s Light Theatre Company – Abigail Adams

BROOKLYN BRIDGE                                   Talidia                    Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Co. – Daniel Aukin

FIRST VOICE                                               Girlfriend                Labyrinth Theatre Company – David Anzuelo

COMIDA DE PUTA                                       Rosalia                  Ensemble Studio Theatre – Jose Zayas

THE PRESIDENT & HER MISTRESS         Kit Santos              Abingdon Theatre Company – Rob Urbinati

CAMINO/MONTAŇA                                    Persephone           Intar – David Anzuelo

LUZ DE UN CIGARRILLO**                        Luz (Lead)              La Tea, Lehman Stages – Marco A. Rodriquez

FUR                                                             Citrona                    Underbelly (Edinburgh Fringe) – Jennifer Ortega



Acting                             La Jolla Playhouse Conservatory - Anna D. Shapiro 

                                       Lee Strasberg Theater Institute - George Loros, Hope Arthur, Geoffrey Horne 



* EMMY nomination for cast of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, ** HOLA Outstanding Performance Award,

Fluent in Spanish,  Latin Dancing (Salsa Queen)

2010 - present
2010 - present